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Thread: First video - using an iPhone 7 Plus?

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    Default First video - using an iPhone 7 Plus?

    Hi there,

    I am wanting to put together a short video to help promote my website. The video will be under 5 mins and will consist of interviewing people, some outdoor footage and some music.

    I have previous experience with Final Cut and Premier Pro so I should be able to put something together.

    My question is... can I use my iPhone 7 Plus for this? I do not have any budget for this as it is a personal project.

    The video will be placed on the website and possibly YouTube.

    Can anyone tell me if the iPhone will be ok, or will the quality be terrible?


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    Video quality would be fine. As with all small sensor/small lens cameras you won't be able to get any shallow depth of field, but assuming you're happy with everything being in focus, you will be fine. Best tips would be ensure there's adequate lighting, the shot is exposed properly, nothing in the background is not a distraction. I assume you know about composition. Personally I'd avoid hand held shakiness, but this might be the "dynamic" look you're after (if not, use a tripod or perch the phone on something else.

    But far more important, if you're including interviews, is audio quality. I strongly recommend you invest a small amount of money in a lavalier (tie clip) mic, if there's one which fits the iPhone 7. For voice - proximity to the source is far more significant than the cost of the mic. If you need both interviewer and interviewee's voices, don't show the interviewer speaking but ad their sound afterwards. Better still would be a couple of mics into a digital recorder, but you say you have no budget so ...

    Good luck with the project.

    Incidentally 5 minutes is a very long time to promote anything. Hit the viewer with three big reasons why they should visit your website (or at least continue watchin the video) in the first 10 seconds otherwise they will have clicked away. Then don't ask them to stay any longer than the bare minimum it takes to get your info across. Hopefully they'll be tempted enough to visit the website where you can put a longer introductory or explanatory video.

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