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    Hey guys! New to the site and by no means a pro.

    I have a very frustrating issue only come to light lately.

    Basically, I'm a drummer and I've been uploading drum cover videos for years without problem. Same routine every time. Drum audio in logic and video recorded on samsung s10 lite.

    In the last 2 weeks I've uploaded several videos thinking all was ok. But! Massive problem seemingly. My audio/video is out of sync depending on where you view said videos. Sync is kinda, ya know... important! 🤷*♂️


    Video 1 (recorded on samsung s10 lite at 30fps 1080p)
    Video transferred via usb cable and imported into final cut pro x on macbook pro.

    Drum and track Audio (mixed in logic pro x ) also imported into Final Cut where I line up both files and "make" my video. Perfect sync. Looks great. This is where I always had my finished product and was happy.

    I export this video to desktop as H.264 .mov format and check it again. Perfect. Happy with how it's synced up and looks. Transfer it back to my phone via usb to upload to Facebook and Instagram profiles. Plays back fine in my phone gallery too. All good 👍

    Upload to Facebook and Instagram: Herein lies the problem! From this point the hard work spent on audio and video sync goes out the window. Instagram makes an absolute mess of my work. Drums and audio can be upto 2secs out of whack by the end of the video especially on an IGTV full length 😬😬 facebook is the same.

    Youtube however, works flawlessly with same file just like if I played the file back off my desktop. 🤨

    Now I've been trying to find out why this is happening.

    I decided to try uploading to Facebook from my laptop on safari and play it back on safari browser, same problem. I open my profile on google chrome, problem is gone, perfect again??

    I went back and checked 3 previous cover videos on my facebook account on the macbook, sync is non existent. BUT...On my android phone it's fine and my girlfriend's android also so i thought they were fine until a friend said they were great performance wise but they are out of sync. Turns out he's watching them on an iPhone🤦 Embarrassing to say the least. So Instagram is a no fly zone at the moment until I find out what is causing this.

    I researched VARIABLE FRAME RATE and realised phones unfortunately rely on vfr which can cause audio sync problems/drift and decided to put the video through Handbrake software to convert it from variable to constant 30fps frame rate.

    Tried all of the above process from scratch again, same exact problems 😪😕

    I'm about to lose my mind because I need these videos looking good on EVERY browser/device not just the ones I know work well.

    Sorry for long post!

    So all in all:
    Macbook quicktime desktop playback: Fine
    Youtube: Fine
    Instagram: Terrible
    Facebook safari: terrible
    Facebook Chrome: fine
    Android Facebook: fine
    iPhone Facebook: terrible

    I could be wrong but it seems to be an issue with iOS social media being out of sync even though the whole video was made on an Apple Macbook to begin with.

    Anyone know what is going on? Am I missing something small? Any ideas guys?

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    The exact same thing has been happening to me.
    I think something might be going on right now with IG/FB, they're updating or something and their vids are acting wacky.

    This worked for me
    In a chrome browser on a laptop/desktop, log into your instagram account.
    From there upload your video to IGTV.
    After almost an entire day of troubleshooting, that's what finally worked for me.
    No sync issues in any browser after I uploaded this way!
    Hope this helps!

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