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Thread: a mutant tractor with iron wheels

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    Good evening to all!
    A small video with a tractor with iron wheels.
    A conversion from, normal wheels
    in iron ore, so that it can enter areas with water for growing rice.
    A conversion that some of you may not have seen, perhaps!
    here is the video

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    Cool. It would have been nice to have some info, such as where it is, how the special wheels help, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Dunakin View Post
    Cool. It would have been nice to have some info, such as where it is, how the special wheels help, etc.
    Thanks man!
    Well, video made at Greece, at the meadow of Kavala city few days before.
    This kind of wheels help the tractor to get through the muds without stuck.
    All process was to seeding rice at the field full of water..

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    Thanks for the info.

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    but .... the information should be in the video!

    What do I see as a viewer? What do I get out of this? What is going to keep me watching?

    I can see no structure. There's an attempt to get little sequences edited together but there's no overall narrative. I could start or stop the film at any point and it would make no difference to my interpretation of the film. (For example the seed thingy device appears randomly on the trailer, not on the trailer, being loaded, being unloaded). As a film maker you're a director - so direct my attention so I want to see what's happening next.

    The images are great.
    The machinery looks really quite interesting.
    The process looks reasonaby interesting (at least it's not the sort of thing most of us would come across or think about)
    Your editing is very good.
    There's real potential for a short film here rather than just pretty pictures edited to music (maximum attention span 60-90 secs - and interestingly it was 1min 25 seconds when I glanced at the time to see how much longerthe film had to run). It doesn't have to be a documentary as such, but I really would like to see some sort of narrative.

    At present I come away thinking I've seen something about a machine that is something to do with planting rice seed (information gleaned from the title rather than the film) but i don't really have a clue what's going on. I thought that at the end and it is exactly what I'd already thought a 1:25.

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