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Thread: Retrieving footage from damaged DV tape

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    Default Retrieving footage from damaged DV tape

    Hope someone can help. I have just bought a JVC GR -D93 camcorder and am trying to retrieve some old footage from some DV tapes. The footage is seen for a moment and then all i get is the blue screen.

    The footage was taken on my old camera also a JVC which got damaged and started to chew up my tapes. How fragile are these DV tapes? Is it likely that a little tampering could have wiped the whole tape or is it something else?

    Would appreciate some help. Many Thanks

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    These tapes are quite fragile and I think the only way is to see a professional outfit but its unlikely that you will be ablle to get clean footage back - it depends on how badly damaged they are.

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    My family and I are victims of Hurricane Katrina. We had 39" of water in our home and had about 60 dv tapes go under for several hours. The video was obviously irreplaceable and means a great deal to my wife and I.

    Within hours of the water receding I was able to get to the tapes, dry each one and place it so the remaining moisture would evaporate. When I try to play one in the camera it operates normally from a mechanical stand point but no video plays.

    If I then try to play a good tape it has a difficult time playing due to what I believe to be dirty heads. After cleaning the good tape plays video.

    Is it possible that the submerged tapes require cleaning?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    The 'professional outfit ' that you mention; what are some names of the companies who might be able to help me and how might I go about contacting them. I've done several searches on google but I must not be searching the right term.

    These video's were very important to us and we are more upset about them than the flooded house, any help would be greatly appreciatted.

    Thanks in advance.

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