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Thread: Desert Dawn: Bees, Birds & Badlands

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    Default Desert Dawn: Bees, Birds & Badlands

    Hi folks! I have a new video I'm pretty proud of. It's not perfect but I put a lot of effort into it and I think it turned out fairly well. I hope you'll enjoy it:

    It’s night in the southern California desert. Gradually, the sun rises and reveals a fantastic, otherworldly landscape of incredible beauty. As the morning progresses, the desert comes to life. Colorful birds and insects such as the tarantula hawk wasp flit among the flowers of mesquite, palo verde, and other desert trees.

    “Native American Dreams“
    by Ramiton
    Licensed by AudioJungle

    “Cinematic Folk”
    by ColorFilmMusic
    Licensed by AudioJungle

    Additional sounds by: prosoundfx

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    Another gorgeous looking film, Ray. Beautifiul shots, nicely paced narration with relaxed delivery, just the right sort of music.
    There's always a risk with drone shots that, no matter how good they are (and these are great) they become repetitive. I think you cut to other shots just before this happens.
    Being VERY picky (you said it wasn't perfect - and if it was there would be nowhere for you to go, would there)
    The single close up in this section was rather incongruous - I'd have like dto have seen more (I like teh contrast with the very wide shots) or no close ups at all.
    The transition to the wildlife segment was expertly handled.
    I guess you were a bit short of the very best wildlife shots as there were quite a few in the film where the reframing was a bit distracting.
    Be careful with the script. I like the fact you just add a few facts and let the pictures speak for themseleve, but there wrere occasions when you simply told us what we see on the screen ("In the palo verde tree, the orange-crowned warbler and a Bullock's oriole feed o the succulant flowers" - you have already told us the name of the two birds and we can see they are feeding. Admittedly, naming the tree is adding information, but mainly you're describing what we can see with our own eyes). Much better was the information about the wasp.
    I also liked the big, bold captions which even people with failing eyesight should eb able to see and they are left on screen long enogh for the slowest reader to take in!
    4.5/5 form me

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    Thanks Tim! As always, I greatly appreciate your insights.

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