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Thread: Your comments and advice please:

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    Always get great comments and advice on this forum for my videos, so asking for the same for my latest: I was going for a !Japanese Comic" feel lol
    All comments and suggestions are gratefully received:

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    Great settings for the cartoon look - I know it can take time to get that right (and can change from shot to shot).
    Personally, I'd lose the Japanese connection (ie just the characters ) as it sends out a confusing message.
    I like the shots of the individuals during the slide solo - they contribute to the vibe of a band who enjoy playing together.
    Edits are good (I liked the cuts to the drummer as he hits and choke's the crash.
    What you've got is good, but it's all md-shot. I'd like a lot more similar "feature shots/close ups" (eg detail shots of the slide, close up of the singer, fingering the bass etc). You don't need to record the whole song to make these shots, but you do need to make sure you know exactly where in the song they come or the edit becomes tricky.

    Perhaps some more cutaways that illustrate the song (rather than just the single walking shot)

    I enjoyed the performance. Must make an effort to come and see you once you're gidding again.

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    Thank you so much for the constructive comments and suggestions. When I see it written down I think: "why didn't I think of that"? And that's why I come on here.

    I really appreciate you replying.

    Many thanks


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