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Thread: How to make overlays for picsart on Android Mobile?

  1. Default How to make overlays for picsart on Android Mobile?

    I am using picsart pro apk at Techbigs to edit my photos and videos. Does anyone here also use picsart or not, let me ask how to make overlays for picsart? Please guide me.
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    i saw some of videos on youtube about 2,3 months before because then i do CB Editing and it is very easy. You just need some practice then you can make glass overlay too with in 2 min.
    Step 1: Open Image. Tap on Edit and select your image.
    Step 2: Select Image for Overlay. Tap on Add Photo and select the image that you would like to use as an overlay.
    Step 3: Enlarge Image. Drag the bottom right corner of the added image to enlarge it.
    Step 4: Adjust Blending Mode.
    Step 5: Confirm.

    This is just as simple as i write it and you just need to watch 1 video or got o their official website to learn more about it.
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