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Thread: Where I learn to edit this way - Video

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    Question Where I learn to edit this way - Video

    Hey Mates !

    I don't know, if this is where I should post.

    I already have some editing experience, but my goal is to get to that type of editing, but I can't find videos or courses to learn how to edit that way.
    Can anyone recommend me?

    Reference example -

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    There are multiple aspects to this production and editing is just one part / first youíll need to film some shots - based on your reference example Iíd attach a GoPro 8 to your friendís head, slip him some Crystal Meth or PCP, and send him clubbing - the next part will be editing - youíll need software like Adobe CS or Final Cut or HitFilm for example / first make sure to consume any remaining doses of Meth or PCP then youíll be all set - some of the elements of the film (upside down view) can either be done while filming or the film can be flipped over in your editor - if youíre starting from scratch Iíd download HItFilm Express (free) to your PC and do the online tutorials (very helpful)

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