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Thread: What the what? "heterodyne non segmented VTR"

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    Default What the what? "heterodyne non segmented VTR"

    Hi there, I took a chance, and maybe it was a bad one.. but I got a AMPEX TBC-6 that appeared to have the key thing I need: two time base corrector channels. However, I'm learning that this was designed for this non segmented VTR.. my intent was to be able to hook up fairly consumer grade composite signals to this device to act as a A / B TBC so I could feed that to my Echo Video Switcher.

    Does anyone know anything about these heterodyne signals and if a consumer signal could be fed to one of these successfully?

    If I have in fact bought something unusable with standard composite signals (I should have known), is there some particular devices I should be looking for to know they would provide the right signal in VHS format? I'm highly skeptical I'm going to ever find or ever be able to afford reel to reel style broadcast VTRs.


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    I run my S-VHS signal through an old DVD/hard-disk recorder to my Intensity Shuttle.

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    That's encouraging. The AMPEX TBC goes with this kind of hardware.. VTR reel to reels.. which is a whole other level of pro gear... but the labeling of the ins/outs of the TBC don't strike me as named differently than any other BNC composite input / output..

    this is the item I bought.. i am just asking the seller to hold it for a day so i can be sure that my video gear will work with it in the first place (it's a gamble that the unit even works, so that's another layer of unknown) but i don't want to get it and think it's broken when it turns out it never would work with my equipment in the first place..

    but I heard from the poster of this video and has a slightly newer generation of the ampex setup that recording gear would have the trouble with the signal coming out of the TBC, but I'm imagining that the TBC sending it's signal to a broadcast quality switcher should be able to read that signal fine and since I can in fact see output from the switcher, that it would have no problem making a signal that a regular VCR could get..

    I also ordered this hoping it would be broadcast quality gear to work with the tbc as well (though it has a tbc of it's own so maybe this would mean i could technically get 3 channels going on the switch (TBC A / B) + VCR in..

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