PSP Movie Creator- Getting Started:
1. Install and run PSP Movie Creator on your PC.

2. Click "Open ..." button to open a video file or DVD disc. PSP Movie Creator will then start playing the movie in the preview window.

3. When movie starts, click "Start Recording" button. (You can change output file size, audio quality etc, before recording).

4. When the process finishes, click transfer to PSP button to transfer & manage PSP video files.

Transfer & Manange PSP Video Files

1. Use a USB cable (USB PC plug <--> USB mini-B plug cable) to connect PC and PSP.

Figure: USB cable

2. In your PSP, press "USB connection" menu .

(Note: You can also use a memory card reader to transfer the video file. Skip the above step 1,2. Instead, connect your memory card reader to the computer and proceed to step 3.)

3. In PSP Movie Creator, click "PSP Video Transfer" menu. You will see an explorer window that lists video files on both your PC and PSP. The explorer window only lists MP4 (video) files and THM (video thumbnail) files. You can transfer files by drag & drop them to the left/right. You can also select an MP4 MP4 file to change its title so that it will be shown in your PSP as well.

Audio Settings:

Audio bitrate (in bits per second)

Audio bitrate refers to how many data storage is allocated to store audio signals. The higher audio bitrate, the better audio quality. There are some other factors that influence the audio quality as well, such as audio sampling frequency.

Sampling frequency:

44KHz sampling can reduce audio distortion on high frequency level, however it consumes more audio bitrate.

The average human ear can hear sounds in the frequency range 20-20000Hz. To reproduce a sound at a given frequency the audio sampling rate must be more than twice that frequency. This means that with a sampling frequency of 22000Hz (22 KHz) some high frequency information will be lost. The higher sampling frequency (44100Hz) have cut-offs above normal human hearing range.

Output Format

1. WMV format: No need to install additional player on your Pocket PC. Windows Media Player can play it directly. Recording is a little bit faster.

2. AVI format: Compress more. Provide better video quality than WMV format under the same output size.

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