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Thread: Vancouver Island Canada - A Hidden Gem

  1. Red face Vancouver Island Canada - A Hidden Gem

    What do you think of my latest travel/adventure video? Curious about the music...was it too much?

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    Great video - Iíve been to the island a number of times but never visited any of these places

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    Thank you. The island is an amazing place with so much to do and see. We hope to move there soon.

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    Great to see another video from you. Full of life and it really feels like you are talking to me, enthusing about all the best bits of your trip. The majority of the film is these personal vlogs and it is all the stronger for it. Good images and (generally) clear sound.

    I have a few minor gripes though (as you'd expect from me).

    I thought the intermediate bits, the links/montages etc, whilst edited very well were too busy and the music too thump-thump heavy for the subject matter. I might expect that music for a group of twenty somethings on a water sports/bungee jumping holiday, but too much for a family outing?

    The "interesting angles" from the bike might work in some circumstances, but for me, not here. A brief POV works well, but the shots from static cameras shoing the riders going past were much more effective.

    I know it's real life and I know you don't want to give the impression this is a million dollar production but the wind noise in the beach scene really became an irritation for me.

    Again, I know this is a vlog rather than a travelogue, but i really would have appreciated some vuisual indication of where in Canada this is.

    Kudos for trying out the animated caption and I love the font and colouring BUT ... for some reason (certainly in the first and third occurrence) it didn't really draw attention to itself (ie I didn't spot it until the caption began to disappear by which time it was too late to read). Perhaps some sort of flash behind it when it appear (tro draw attention) and leave the non-animated part of screen a bit longer). Also the way the text disappeared behind a straight line mask was ratehr poor. A gentle fade might be better.

    But, overall, I enjoyed another video from you and your family which made me interested in visiting the region.

    Thanks for sharing.

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