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Thread: My Year 2020 - Cinematic Travel Video

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    Well ladies and gents, after a long long long time, i have finally released my end of year video (1/4 of the way into the year) haha, anyway its taken me a long time and i have done as much as i can possibly do to it. Think i have driven myself and squeak carzy doing this haha, anyway if you're into travel videos like this give it a watch and maybe a share, much love xxx

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    I feel exhausted after watching that! Lots of great shots. Vibrant colours. Can't take much in but I guess that's the idea - it's just intended to give an impression of the places. But a couple of places to breathe might not go amiss.
    On the other hand it's all failry anonymous. These places could be anywhere, we're not informed. I hope you can remember 20 years down the track. (Hopefully you have some more personal recollections of the places recorded, not intended for public consumption).
    The music annoyed me a bit, but I'm an old git.

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    Nice work. I agree with Tim though, some titles of places would help. Also the colour grading could have a bit more contrast to give it a more cinematic look. Check out Peter Mckinnon's luts. Might be helpful.

    Sam from Bloom Agency

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    Perhaps it is because I am also an 'old git', but in my view, the overuse of drone footage depersonalises everything. After all, once the majesty of one landscape has been captured from the air, there is little more to appreciate in the rest of the video. I liked the 'newsy' intro, though, and I would have liked to have seen the Covid 19 theme drawn to a conclusion at the end, to complete the video.

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