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    Question Video Editing For Dummies

    This is my first post. I know next to nothing about editing a video file.
    I would like to remove the first 10 seconds of a video file. What is a free Video Editing program that will do this?
    It has to have a very simple user interface. I don't need any other options, just one that lets me trim off the beginning of my video.
    Thanks to all who can reply.

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    iMovie or Shotcut

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    I imagine just about any would do. If you have Windows 10, there's an inbuilt feature somewhere. I forget the name of it, but I've used it for full editing before. I would recommend using something else entirely for full editing because it was absolutely not designed for it, but I do believe it had trimming capabilities.

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    So as you ask for a windows video editor or a mac video editor, idk, here is my advice. I'm using "Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021" on my Mac, but it also works on windows. It has a lot of cool tools and it is very easy in use. I've been using this app for so long, since i've bought my first computer (Acer Aspire One D150). It is wonderful and I strongly recommend it to you!
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