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Thread: hate to ask this but...

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    Default hate to ask this but...

    i know this has probably been covered countless time, but it's not in the sticky so here goes. why is it, that when i combine seven video clips, all about 3megs in size, i get a final product of 100megs?? converting to mpeg, btw, using vegas 5. vegas wants to by default, double the width and height of the vid, but even when i change the settings to match the original vids, my file is freakin huge. why is that? and what can i do about it. i thought mpeg was a compressed file type.

    many thanks

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    That because:

    1) the several input files were encoded using an MPEG4 codec and/or
    2) the bitrate was a lot lower in your input files.

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    ok so now i'm encoding with the same bit rate as the original files, but now it's taking over twice as long. this video thang is confusing. what's this about mpeg4?

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    emcoding video -is a tricky thing - its depends on how complex the pixel build of the pictre is, formats, bitrates adn so on - render times are very difficult to calculate unless you are running a stupidly fast system

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