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Thread: Need info with lighting and camera

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    Default Need info with lighting and camera

    Hello everybody,im roberto,new to this forum.searching on google i found this website. Little about what i want help with. Im not a professional at all.just hobby based i learned a lot,first with photography and now going for filming. So my basic thing is that i have a hobby building scale cars. Its just a hobby what im doing for some time now but want to expand by going on youtube with my own channel.
    After some searching and ideas i finally found some style what i really like but sadly enough im not so experienced to archieve this. So i hope to get some guidelines what to do. So some info what i have and what i want to i found a style that i like on youtube.this is the style what i mean

    -I will film with a phone(samsung s9+) dont have a camera yet maybe in the future.

    - im using premiere pro.

    -dont have any lighting just a small film light of yongnuo yn300

    -want to build my own sooftbox with led bulb daylight version.

    So basically my questions are for those experienced filmers here.
    Is this guy using a softbox here?
    If yes, could it be that its placed above the camera or on the side of his come the backgrpund is dark, do you think hes working in a complete dark room with just softbox, i think the zoom thing what hes doing can be archieved in post processing with crop and zoom.
    My budget is real tight thats why im trying to go with what i have for now.
    I understand that this guy maybe using a fancy expensive camera with expensive lens,for me i understand that part.
    I like the cinematic style of shooting what he does.
    As for the background, does somebody know how to archieve that black-dark grey background,or is it lets say table color that is seen because of the camera been placed as overhead filming.
    Sorry if i have some crazy questions but i want to archieve this.
    I want to be sure what to buy before spending money on the wrong stuffs.
    So please can somebody give me some guidelines and information with this situation.
    Thanks all.

    Gr roberto

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    Agreed this looks great.
    The key thing with getting a dark background is to get as high a contrast as possible. I appreciate this is stating the obvious. Light the subject very brightly (whilst trying to avoid lighting the background a far as possible).the step down the exposure in camera. I guess you can do that with an iphone.

    I'm sure the background in this video is a matt black suface. When he has other stuff in the background (eg when he is spraying inside the box) it is very clearly lit. I suspect you're right that softboxes are employed, no harsh shadows and no obvious reflections of lights. Very well done.

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