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Thread: What's Your Adventure? Welcome Video

  1. Cool What's Your Adventure? Welcome Video

    What do you think of our new Welcome To Our Youtube Channel vid? Would it convince you to subscribe? Anything you didn't like or could be better?

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    The visuals stood out with some lovely shots, but the audio sounds distant and without clarity. I'd work on the mix, maybe re-record with a different mic if necessary.
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    You know I love your travel films but I'm afraid I'm not at all on mesage with this one. I don't want people telling me what I should do and that I owe it to myself or others to be the best I should be. I think I basically detest "aspirational movies". But hey. each to his own. Nice edit and shots though. agree with clay_9 about the audio. Stuff recorded "in the moment" on location is fine to be low quality (indeed it adds authenticity) but a high quality edit like his deserves a high quality voiceover.

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    thank you. I noticed the sound issue after I published it. Hate it when that happens.

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    thank you! Always appreciate your inputs and honesty.

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    That was a great video, appreciate your efforts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisjordon View Post
    That was a great video, appreciate your efforts.
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    Thank You!

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    Thank you

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