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Thread: South Bohemian Region - Sony A7iiiS + Gopro9 + electric scooter

  1. Red face South Bohemian Region - Sony A7iiiS + Gopro9 + electric scooter


    I had idea sum Sony A7iiiS + Gopro9 + electric scooter and result in 4K 60fps is here:

    It was nice ride around our cottage, nice weather, nice temperature (4C)

    Thank you for watching,


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    A nice little story with a good mix of first and third person shots. I thought it could have been a bit tighter though, knowing when to cut away is really important. To keep it all moving along without feeling like it's dragging is really important.

    My biggest gripe, and it may be just me, is the way you have implemented the cut to the picture taken with the camera. For me it looks really messy having the images cut over the video, but only to 80% of the screen whilst still seeing the video behind. It's just a really odd choice in my mind. I would suggest keeping all the images you used landscape, then filling the screen and utilising some slow moving Ken burns effect, just really subtle zooms and movement.

    Positive on the whole though, keep up the good work.
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