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Thread: COTARD - Short film (48 hour film project)

  1. Lightbulb COTARD - Short film (48 hour film project)

    Hey everyone! I would like to share with you my latest 6min experimental short film “COTARD":
    directed, shot and edited by myself for last year's 48 hour film challenge:

    This little project, was a big directing challenge to pull off as a director and it means a lot to me. This forum's advice really helps a lot on making every single project happen, so I just wanted to thank everyone for that. So please take the time to watch it and let me know your honest opinion. Every review means the world!

    Thanks again FOR EVERYTHING!

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    Everything about this film reeks of high quality. The shots, the grading, the editing and the sound. Very well done. Unfortunately I lack the cultural, scientific, literary knowledge or possibly common sense to have any idea what it is about! (I do understadn the definition at the begining, just not how it relates to the film). Does this mean it's too clever, or I'm too stupid/ignorant? I love a film that makes me think, but not one where even when I think really hard I don't understand it. I like my work to be rewarded. But I have no doubt others will fully understand what the director is getting at.
    Just because I don';t understand it, it doesn't mean I think it's a bad film. I can appreciate it, but it does prevent me liking it.

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