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Thread: Pinnacle9 DV capture from Sony HC22 camcorder

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    Default Pinnacle9 DV capture from Sony HC22 camcorder

    I am finding it impossible to capture DV from my Sony Handicam HC22E to Pinnacle 9. I have a 4 port IEEE 1394 Firewire card fitted and 4-6pin cable. I can operate the camcorder from the on screen graphic but I don't capture anything. I run WindowsXP 1.47GHz 512RAM. The picture from the Sony direct to TV is excellent and I wish to capture/edit and produce DVD's and maintain the same quality.
    If anyone has the answer I will need explicit instructions giving.
    Many thanks in anticipation of a favourable reply

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    I may be wrong, but I don't think Studio gives a preview whilst capturing...
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    It does

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    Then I am wrong. Sorry, have limited experience of Studio. Anyone else able to help?
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    What happens when you click the green 'Start Capture' button? It's over on the right-hand side.

    A little way above this, just under the words 'DV Camcorder' it tells you the drive letter that you'll be capturing to. What letter is it?

    Studio should have displayed a dialogue box telling you it's testing drive speed before allowing you to go any further.

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    The drive letter is an external drive 'G' . When I click on the green capture button the Sony camcorder plays what is on the tape and the on screen camera graphic emulates this, but there is nothing ever written to the hard drive and nothing ever appears in the top right hand view area.
    The USB Stream on the camera is set to OFF as it should be

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    Capturing direct to an external drive isnít recommended and your CPU isnít that fast, so it will struggle. Try changing the capture drive to an internal one (if you've got plenty of space on one), this could solve it.

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    Many thanks to everyone who has done their best to help on this one. It is very much appreciated I can assure you.
    I will try the last suggestion later today and will keep you posted.
    Thanks once again.

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    I've been having the same problems as described above. I have a Sony-HC90 that I want to capture video from and no capture programs work. Movie Maker, Pinnacle, Roxio, Nero, Amcap...all of them do the same thing...they control the camera but nothing is ever captured and there's never a preview. The numbers on the screen tick away as if it were capturing but no data is ever recorded. I'm using the Adaptec 4300 card and have used others but to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled SP2 and nothing. I installed the sp2 fix from microsoft and nothing. The computer recognizes the adaptec card and also the Sony camera. All looks perfect until you click the capture button and nothing is captured. In another forum, someone said they got their jvc camera to work by switching to a card with Texas instruments chipset...don't know if that would help with my SOny. I've just about given up...I may purchase a contract with Microsoft to have them fix it but I hate paying for something if they're the ones that created the problem in the first place.
    I tried changing those three files from sp2 with the old ones from sp1 but windows keeps blocking me from changing them and I don't know how to shut off that protection.
    I'm really at the end of my rope with this and have purchased a stand-alone dvd recorder that does a fantastic job. I'm not looking to be a movie director, I just wanted to transfer family footage to dvd and I've spent hours trying to get it to work. If anyone knows of a simple program in which I can change or add titles and thumbnails after I record it from my dvd recorder, I'd be grateful if you could let me know.

    I'll keep checking back to see if someone can help but after weeks searching for the answer, I've pretty much given up.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Default DV capture

    I posted the original query and I still havn't solved the problem, which is exactly as the last person stated. I realise that my problem may be lack of processing speed (AMD ATHLON(tm) XP1700 1.47GHz with 512 RAM so I am seriously considering an upgrade. What worries me is if there is no improvement afterwards. I would be interested to know the computer specn. of the last posting please. I have a feeling that it might be a Sony problem as I have recently tried Adobe Premier Elements 1.0 which apparently should run ok on 800 MHz, which recognises when there is a camera connected but asks me to adjust the camera settings. I have tried USB streaming ON and OFF even though I am using a firewire card. I have also tried it using USB only without success. I also have SP2 if that is of interest. Surely someone out there can help two frustrated movie makers.

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