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Thread: Question on the Sony RX100?

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    Hey all,

    Currently I am using 2 A6000s for video, and am looking to add a smaller camera to through in my bag. I picked up 2 Mevos, and the quality on them is just horrible. So I am now looking at an RX100. This camera will be used for just backup footage / extra footage from weddings. The issue I am trying to find out is if the camera has an auto shut off on it when shooting video. Right now, the A6000s shut off after about 20 minutes of shooting (we switched from Canon's which had a 12 minute shut off).

    Does anyone know if the RX100s have the same type of shut off limitations?

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    Yo don't specify which model RX100, but I suspect it will (indeed it's even shorter with 4K according to this:

    When shooting at 1080p Full HD and below, the camera can record up to 29 minutes before recording is stopped. However, when shooting in 4K, that drops to just 5 minutes, as the RX100 VI still has a hard time with heat dissipation.

    One reason many cameras don't shoot for more than 29 minutes is is that more than that and they are considered video cameras and attract a higher rate of tax.

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    Just to elaborate a little further on this. The 12 minute cap was because of the old file system/file handling. As Tim already points out the current limits of 20-30 minutes are mostly due to the EU import duty of 5-12% to any video camera. In general this means that to keep prices more consumer attractive the camera manufacturers put a recording limit on all the cameras that are theoretically intended as a photography tool. Camera's intended for filming instead of photography do not suffer this limit (such ash the action cameras and camcorders).
    To my limited knowledge there are no compact cameras like the RX100 that do not have this issue. I'm a bit surprised by your choice of equipment but each to their own. There are a few DSLR type camera's that can be tricked/hacked to remove the limit. The one that I know of is the Panasonic Lumix G70/G7 (depeding on where you are in the world). Not sure you would want to go that way though.
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