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Thread: Turkey 2020, new video, listened advices

  1. Default Turkey 2020, new video, listened advices

    Hello guys, trying to evolve I made new clip, listened to some advices (thanks TimStannard) and voila thats what I made.
    Looking for feedback. I know its not perfect. What would you change about this clip?

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    It moved along at a good pace. I like the transitions at 0:54 (tidy edting) and 1:43 (just good luck or planned?).
    Be careful of over/under exposure. the only time we see your companion's face is at 0:11 and she is underexposed against a very bright background. I would leave out shots like that, where we can't really see the subject. Also (not easy in this environment) be aware that when people are wearing shades, we can't really see their souls.
    But these are niggles - overall I enjoyed it.
    Does it need some captions? It's obvious now where you are, but will you remember in 15 years?

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    Thanks for constuctive feedback as always.
    Yes 1:43 transition was pure luck, I didnt planned it, just find out during editing that day/night shots almost match so I made some tricks and it looked pretty nice.
    Advice about exposure noticed. You're right better not include shots with such bad playing of lights. Moreover I'm still learning to color grade, probably I made it darker yet.

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