I have an elderly lady friend who has become very keen on making videos. Until recently she used my small Panasonic camera that has a proper viewfinder as well as the flip out screen. She has now bought a small Canon model but it doesnít have the proper viewfinder. She is complaining about not being able to see the screen properly in bright light.

We all know about this problem and I know that commercial hoods are available. However, once such a hood is attached to the flip out screen itís not possible to close the screen without removing the hood. For general holiday trips this is inconvenient and after a while the hood is rarely used.

Have any of you 'DIYers' come up with any ideas (and made) a sort of hood that can remain attached to the camera and folded when not in use so that the screen can be closed to the camera body? Perhaps something made of a stiff black cloth?

Your words of wisdom will be appreciated.