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Thread: 4K Documentary: Explore the Royal Salt Mine 300 meters underground, Poland

  1. Default 4K Documentary: Explore the Royal Salt Mine 300 meters underground, Poland

    This film uses the original sound documentary technique to introduce the World Cultural Heritage Wieliczka Royal Salt Mine in detail, and see what the church (St. Kinga's Chapel) is carved on the salt 100 meters underground? Through the film, audiences can intuitively understand the hardships and dangers of mining workers. Welcome to!

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    Wow! This is something of a departure from your usual high-quality aerial films of cities.
    This was much more interesting for me as you told us what we were looking at and at the lend I knew something i didn't know before.
    What I really liked about the film though was the occasional commments about how YOU felt about the experience. The comments about the list and accompanying shots wrere good examples of this. Anyone can make a tourist film, but only you can attempt to explain how it affects you. Unless you're making a strictly educational/academic film, personal opinion is always best as it helps involve the viewer.

    There are, of course, elements that could be improved.

    Shots following the backs of people walking through somewhere soon become boring. It's fine to have a few, to give an impression of the journey, but next time, talk to the guide and see if they will let you rush ahead, so you can capture the images of people walking towards you, looking around. Then use inset shots of what the might be looking at.

    Realistically you can't hope to make a great film about such an experience without doing the tour at least twice - preferably three times. 1st - learn about the sites and what you want to show, 2nd work out your shots, 3rd actually shoot (and 4th get the additional shots you need)

    Captions are OK for occasional shots, but I'd much prefer a voiceover so I can both look at the images and hear the description. You might need to record voiceovers in different languages (if it;s personal, record your own in your own language and have that play quietly in the background, whilst the other voice over is in the foreground. That makes it clear it is your experience voiced by a translator.

    I would have liked a map to show the extent of the 200 +km of the mines, idealy with yor position indicated on it. Maybe a vertical one as well as a plan.

    But well done for trying something new. Whilst the shots in some of your other filsm are stunning, this is the first I've watched all the way through for a long time.

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    Thank you very much for telling me so much. It is my honor to have an audience like you. I will try my best to improve what you said in future movies, and some of them are really difficult for me. Those tour guides and tourists don't always like to cooperate with you, and once the elements of the performance are added, it is not very real. Thank you again for watching and commenting, and hope to continue to support me!

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