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Thread: Building The Best: The Perfect PC Components

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    Default Building The Best: The Perfect PC Components


    Pentium 4 Round Up (January 2004)
    The Pentium 4 motherboard market has many competitors, but realistically, it is dominated by Intel chipsets. Intel offers many different models, each with its own set of distinct performance and onboard features, and designed for a specific target market. This includes everything from the high-end Intel 875P speed demon, all the way down to the entry-level i848P model. In this roundup, we'll be taking a look at a selection of motherboards featuring the i875P, i865PE and i848P chipsets, and comparing them based on features, performance, overclocking and price.

    Eight Motherboards For The Athlon 64 (December 2003) -
    Speculation was certainly rife about AMD and its new 64 bit Athlon. While some presaged the end of AMD, others were hoping for a peerless, super Athlon. Neither scenario occurred. But the direction in which the chipmaker heads today once again appears clear, backed up by a top notch product range including a pricing policy that's brimming with self assurance. AMD is even committing a multi billion dollar capital outlay to build a new fab unit.


    AMD's and Intel's End-of-Year CPU Buyer's Guide -
    The choice of core elements - processors, motherboardsand RAM - is now so large that laypeople are quickly overwhelmed. For processors, there are the AthlonXP, Athlon64, Athlon64 FX, Duron, Opteron, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Celeron, Xeon, Itanium. Then, there are at least three chipsets available for each platform - not including models featuring integrated graphics.

    Pentium 4-3.2E and 3.4 GHz EE Processor Review
    Intel had been quiet on the CPU front, and seemed to be letting AMD run rampant with new Athlon 64-based processors. The AMD 64 3200+ and FX-51 opened the floodgates, but the latest Athlon 64 3000+ and 3400+ laid out an impressive line of 64-bit CPUs for many budget and performance needs.

    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Processor Review
    The Athlon 64 line is an important one for AMD, as it provides a high-end mainstream choice in their current desktop line. Price and performance are important to this market sector, and while the Athlon 64 FX-51 provides the latter, its high retail price makes it more of a niche product for true enthusiasts. The Athlon 64 is positioned more as an alternative to the desktop Pentium 4 line, and is expected to match up in terms of high-end framerates, while keeping the price competitive.

    Hard Drives

    Affordable and Reliable 80 and 160 GB Hard Drives -
    Hard drives with capacity of 200 GB, 250 GB or even 300 GB are a fine thing indeed, but they're expensive. While not completely out of reach for most, large hard drive capacity prices still force most users have to lower their sights. So we selected four representative models in the midrange tier with capacity ranging from 80 GB to 160 GB.

    Fast And Smart: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 And Western Digital WD740 Raptor -
    Hardly any PC component breaks new ground with its advances as unspectacularly as the hard drive. Users think of it as a little box that occasionally grinds and whirs, while remaining in the background most of the time with a quiet hum. However, expectations for it are high: Users don't like wait times, and even errors shouldn't occur, if at all possible.

    External Hard Drives (Back Up)

    Backup Master: Western Digital Media Center -
    Backing up a PC's data today generally requires the expensive necessary evil of an external hard drive. Western Digital tries to make life easier with its WM Media Center, a portable storage device with 250 GB of capacity that offers an 8-in-1 card reader with dual-option USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity. The Media Center from Western Digital sets itself apart from the competition with an integrated USB 2.0 hub, a built-in 8-in-1 flash card reader and a FireWire port, the latter of which continues to deliver better performance values. The Special Edition Caviar Series has 8 MB Cache and 7,200 rpm. The front, meanwhile, holds some surprises: three buttons promise "dual-option backup" flexibility - the first external hard drives didn't even feature a power switch.

    DVD Writers

    4 DVD Burners From Asus, Gigabyte and MSI -
    Current 4x DVD burners have been affordable for some time, and now more and more devices with a write speed of 8x are hitting the market. So far these media are still rare, and the write quality is not always optimal, either.

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    Default new hardware

    Excellent post Marc. There's very little to add to it. There is of course the new Intel Prescott chip out now and Tom's Hardware has done a review. Also, just a quick note - none of the 300 GB disks in the market at the moment are the really fast one.

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    Hi there Poweroid, welcome to the forums

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    Major new updates here. Intel's got all these new chipsets, 925, 915 Gs, Es and taking the Ps. Then, in CPUs they've got their Prescotts replacing the Northwoods and the EEs. Athlon have extended their funny numbers to 3800s in addition to the FX-53s. BTX, PCI-Express, DDR2 are the type of things making waves along with the new improved and better smelling SATA. And DVD writers are going two faced. Fun and games and lots of consumer confusion on the way

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    Id like to make some comments.

    If you are just doing video, by all means go Intel

    If u plan to do any gaming, get Athlon 64 Bit, perferably with a meg of cache.

    Best AMd chipset is the Nforce 3 250

    GET SATA....i repeat get SATA perferably in a RAID 0

    So, its better to get 2 80 gigs in a raid 0 than 1 160.

    About the previou post about new technology...So far all most all of them are busts...

    The new chipsets are just mods of the current ones for Socket T.
    Socket T is a new POS socket by Intel in which u cannot remove your processor without ruining ur motherboard...It also locks down the FSB so u can barely overclock at all
    The Presscott sucks so far, offering little to no performance increase from the northwood and it also doubles as a stove
    The comment about Athlon's funny #'s-They have to let people kno how they compare to intel.
    BTX-Is a silly new form factor brought on my Intel...Has little to no upgrades to ATX except a reson to buy a new PSU and case
    PCI-Express-Will rock if it ever comes out
    DDR2-From wut i have seen, the timings suck...but im suree itll all get straightened out
    Hopefully Sata will become NAtively supported under the next version of windows
    DVD Writers are now up to 12x and dual layers are out
    Blue Rays should be comig soon as well

    Some AMD lingo (The other chip on this forum )
    939-New AMD socket that allows the FX's to not need registered ram
    NForce3 250-New chipset that lets u lock the FSB/AGP buses

    Ill add some more at another point
    2.6b at 3.3
    1 gig of OCZ Platinum Limited Edition PC3200(2-2-2)
    Abit IC7
    Seagate 80gb sata
    Aspire X-Alien
    460W Enermax
    9800 Pro
    SP-94 with Tornado

    Panasonic GS200 on its way with:
    3 DV Tapes, Tripod, Bag, Telephoto Lens, Lens Cleaning Kit

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    Great thread and excellent links to useful articles.

    We have a DIY NLE computer article on our website. We just updated it last month.

    PC World magazine posted a nice article on building your own machine,116993,00.asp

    VideoSystems magazine did a nice article on building a machine for HDV editing

    Gary 800 323-2325
    We Are The Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts!

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    You've just reminded me that the thread is in desperate need of updating

    I've also just taken a few minutes out to answer a few newbie questions over at your forums

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    There are several geeks on here, me included, that will give advice. One thing worth noting is that are doing a new processor round up in a couple of weeks. I emailed them to ask if they were going to update last year's article at and the reply said they were going to do it in 3 weeks...

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    Feel free to keep this thread updated with links new articles!!!

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    And tomshardware release their CPU round up:

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