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Thread: Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?

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    Default Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?

    I need to film indoor tutorials.

    The room has large windows letting in daylight.
    the teacher will be in an armchair speaking.

    2 to 3 metres distance between camera and subject.

    It is mostly fixed at this distance. No zooming or anything.

    I have 3-point lighting, so the next step is to choose a camera.
    I am hoping for professional quality. (not a point-and-shoot camera).

    Is there any advantage of getting a DSLR (with video) or a standard Video Camera ?

    Are there any cameras which you would recommend for this?
    I'm really hoping for a professional quality.

    Budget: $400 to $1,500

    I appreciate any help

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    Despite being a camcorder user, I would probably chose DSLR/Mirrorless in this situation.
    Camcorders have advantages in many situations, for example:
    1. Where you need to be up and running as quickly as possible.
    2. Where the cameraman needs to work on the hoof (quickly switching between close shots & distant shots
    3. Where you need to record continuously for a long time (eg theatrical performances)
    4. Where you need to minimize kit or at least have it all in one unit.

    But none of tehse apply in your situation and the (probably) larger sensor and greates sensitivity of a DSLR and the possibility of switching lenses should give you the opportunity to get better images (cetrainly in lower light)

    With regard to lighting I'd use your three point lighting only and kill any light coming in from outside.
    1. You won't have to worry about different colour temperatures (unless your 3 lights have different temperatures - in which case change the bulbs so they match (or change the lights if they're LEDs)
    2. You won't have to worry about the light from outside changing as the sun moves and as clouds cover/uncover (and even lorries going past might bhave an effect).

    You haven't mentioned audio. For almost any teaching audio quality is much more important than video quality. Either a good quality shotgun mic on a stand just out of shot or a lavalier (lapel) mic (better still, a combination) will be essential for this if you want anything approaching professional results. You'll probably want a digital recorder ratehr than relying on the mic input on the DSLR (if it even has one) as pre-amps in DSLRs aren't particularly good (unless things have improved over the years)/

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