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    Default Exposure in varying light

    Hi, new here, and hoping someone can help

    I'm shooting video for fun/family on an iPhone. Because I want better results than the standard camera app can give me, I'm using Filmic Pro. That allows me to set a good frame rate and fixed shutter speed, so that I can use the 180 degree rule. However, the only way to fix the shutter speed is to put the app in full manual mode, with the ISO fixed as well.

    The problem I have is that when shooting in variable light (eg walking through a forest), the required exposure changes, and I can't compensate for it as I'm in full manual.

    What I think I need is fixed shutter speed, with the ISO controlled automatically to compensate for the varying light - basically, a shutter priority mode. FIlmic's developers don't appear to agree, saying that a shutter priority mode is a "nice to have" that's only rarely requested, though they've offered no solution to my issue, which is basically:

    When using a fixed shutter speed, is there another way to account for varying light, other than with an automatically controlled ISO? Obviously not aperture as phones are fixed aperture, and I think it's unlikely that casual users constantly adjust the ISO manually?



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    Well as you might have guessed the answer here is no Maybe there's another app out there that does offer you the desired option. Otherwise I guess you'll either have to switch gear or live with it :/
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