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Thread: 4K Sanssouci in Potsdam, Germany

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    Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, Germany. It is the most famous Hohenzollern family palace in Brandenburg. It was built on January 13, 1745 and is the largest world cultural heritage in Germany. This film introduces many major attractions around Potsdam. In addition to Sanssouci Palace, there is also Cecilienhof Palace, where the "Potsdam Declaration" was signed at the end of World War II, and the magnificent St. Nikolaikirche. Please watch!

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    not a massive fan of the thumnail but love the quality and video shots keep it up!

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    My thumbnails will actually appear in the video

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    I observed many static shots in this video, you dont move while recording. I think video could be more interesting if it would be a little more dynamic, just my personal feelings. Anyway good job

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    In fact, it is because the stability requirements of dynamic video are too high, so I have to use some static images. As my equipment improves, it will get better and better. I hope I will join in and make good suggestions!

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