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    Hello everybody!, first let me thank you all for the help you provide here to all the beginners like me. I hope this is the right place to post this (I was hesitant about posting this in the "How do I do this?" section, but I am also a complete beginner).

    I was wondering if by any chance someone could help me with this, I have FCP. I am trying to make a video for my university that contains scientific information, and I think it would look great if I could do the effects that this videos shows:
    at 1:58, 3:17, and 6:32

    Basically: While someone is talking about a scientific article, the pdf of the paper appears from bottom, then a specific part of the document is zoomed (as a pop-up) and finally the sentence that conveys the information is highlighted.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, greetings from Peru!
    P.S.: sorry for my english

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    I'm not familiar with the workings of FCP but in principle you need to put each separate item you wish to animate on a separate track and then add the anmation.

    So, to pop up a document, you need an image of the document (I'd use a png or jpg rather than a PDF - which might not even be allowed) on a track above the main video. Animate this to slid in or out. you may be able to do this with transitions aalready built into FCP or you may be able to animate the track and/or inamage itself.

    If you want to add an arrow or other widgets, again use an image on another track. this time it needs to be a png with a transparent background.

    To highlight text, I'd have a second copy of the document image, this time with the text highlighted and then either fade this in on a track above the original, or use masking. (Again, unfamiliarity with the capabilities or workings of FCP limit my ability to help more than general principles)

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