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Thread: Orizaba, NV and the Orizaba Mine

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    Default Final version: Orizaba, NV and the Orizaba Mine

    I made a few small changes. Here's the final version:

    Orizaba Mine, NV 2020

    Join me as I explore some very picturesque ruins at Orizaba, NV and the Orizaba Mine. This was one of the most interesting sites I visited during my 2020 trip. The mine’s structures are over 110 years old, and include two stationary boilers, a head frame, hoist, and other artifacts. You’ll also see the cabins of the old mining camp.

    Music:“Cinematic Inspiring Piano & Strings”“Inspiring Piano”by Siberian Music through AudioJungle

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    Nice one, Ray. I thought the voiceover had a fantastic balance between providing enough information and letting the images speak for themselves.
    What I particularly enjoy is this could so easily be a series where each pretty much a repeat of the previous films, the only difference being the dates and locations, but you always seem to come up with something a bit different to say.

    This is e thing that sets it apart from, say, PPFilms aerial shots of cities around the world - great shots they may be, but, even though they are showig different sites, they just feel very samey.

    You mention vey few of these ruins exists> Maybe you could expand on this in a future video : It did beg the question - why do very few exist - or conversely, why haven't they all been demolished?

    Is this leading up to a full blown documentary about ghost buildings across the US one day? I hope so.

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    Thanks Tim!

    I do sometimes find myself getting into a rut, especially with the narration. One way I'm trying to avoid that is to include some personal insights and feelings about each place. I don't always succeed, but when I do it makes the video more engaging and less dry.

    I don't know about doing a full-blown documentary, but one thing I am planning to do at some point is a short video about what constitutes a ghost town. There are a lot of misconceptions, and I'd like to clear up some of them.

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