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Thread: World Heritage Sites in Sweden 4K Aerial photography

  1. Default World Heritage Sites in Sweden 4K Aerial photography

    The film integrates 14 of all 15 World Heritage Sites in Sweden (Struvi Geodesic Arc failed to find a specific landmark and could not be included). The sequence of introduction is counterclockwise from north to south, and finally ends in Stockholm. Listed below is the name of each heritage and where it appears in the movie, so stay tuned!

    0:25 World cultural heritage · Gammelstad Church Town(Luleå)
    1:23 Cultural and natural heritage · Laponian Area(Norrbottens län)
    2:44 World natural heritage · High Coast(Västernorrlands län)
    3:40 World cultural heritage · Decorated Farmhouses of Hälsingland(Gävleborgs län)
    4:26 World cultural heritage · Engelsberg Ironworks(Fagersta)
    5:10 World cultural heritage · Mining Area of the Great Copper Mountain in Falun
    6:00 World cultural heritage · Rock Carvings of Tanum
    6:23 World cultural heritage · Varberg Radio Station
    6:46 World cultural heritage · Naval Port of Karlskrona
    7:10 World cultural heritage · Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland
    7:54 World cultural heritage · Hanseatic Town of Visby
    9:30 World cultural heritage · Royal Domain of Drottningholm
    10:32 World cultural heritage · Birka and Hovgården
    11:07 World cultural heritage · Skogskyrkogården(Stockholm)

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    How on earth did you manage to get all the permissions for the aerials? I heard that's not easy. Did you have to wait long to get the permissions?
    I'd love to film there myself one of these days so if you have any tips to get the permissions please let me know.
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    All places are in the wilderness, only Queens Island is forbidden to fly. I was caught by the police. . .

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    Oh cool I didn't know they relaxed the rules. Previously you weren't even permitted to upload any aerial footage of Swedish territory without permission. Sorry to hear about your run in with the police. The footage pieces are very nice as usual
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    I am not very clear about the specifics. There are a lot of Swedish aerial films on the Internet. If you really want to shoot, I suggest you consult the local government in advance.

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    Yep, will have my clients look at the details once the time comes
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