Sanqing Mountain is located in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China. It is the main peak of the Huaiyu Mountain Range. It is named after Yujing, Yuxu, and Yuhua because of the “three peaks rising and sitting on top of Sanqing Mountain”. Among the three peaks, Yujing Peak is the highest At an altitude of 1816.9 meters, it is the fifth highest peak in Jiangxi and one of the sources of the Xinjiang River. Sanqing Mountain is a famous Taoist mountain with beautiful scenery, and it is also a world geopark and a world natural heritage. They all say that Sanqing Mountain is always rubbing the heat of Huangshan Mountain. I personally think that it is more beautiful than Huangshan Mountain. Please enter the film to identify it yourself!