Qianshan, also known as Qianhua Mountain or Thousand Lotus Mountain, is located in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, China. It is known as the "Pearl of the Northeast" and the "First Mountain of Liaodong". Qianshan is one of the oldest known geological structures, and the rock of the mountain was formed 3.8 billion years ago.The main natural landscapes introduced in this film are Maitre Peak, immortal terrace (main peak), Yuxia Peak, Sunset glow peak and Five Buddha Peaks; the cultural landscapes covered include Pu'an taoist temple, Infinite taoist temple, Cliff Rock Carvings, Big Buddha Temple, and Longquan in the Five Great Zen Forests Temple, Daan Temple, Zhonghui Temple and Xiangyan Temple; in addition, there are the unique landscapes of Qianshan such as Panlong Pine, Poor Pine and Yizitian. This film is currently one of the most detailed videos on the entire network to introduce Qianshan information and the best picture quality experience. Welcome to enjoy!