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    I need to turn hair color from blonde to dark in a realistic way in a video.
    Here is a 10 seconds sample:
    I tried many different settings in adobe Premiere and After effects (especially, selecting hue and luminance ranges and alter them) but it results in flickering.

    Note 1: it seems that there are real-time filters in tiktok that do the job quite fine but they're currently deactivated (and even in that case I can't run them on video files, only camera stream)
    Note 2: note that the source video is a deepfake, so it's already no-one's face (I used a generic model that's noone's face)

    Thank you for your suggestions

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    Without rotoscoping I don't know any ways to achieve this but you could give rotoscoping a go, theoretically that should work.
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    Rotoscoping hair? Yikes!
    The problem with this clip is the hair contains so many colours which are present in the rest of the image.
    You may think TikTok can do this, but it probably does something which is good enough for TikTok but will not be any better than you've alreday achieved under close examination.

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