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Thread: Avid Express Pro HD Software

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    Default Avid Express Pro HD Software

    Hey Everyone:

    As mentioned on another post, I have been fortunate to win a complete software package from Avid Technologies (Yes the company that purchased good old Pinnacle) along with what looks like an awesome HD Camera.

    I have no clue as to what this software is like but do know that it apparently takes a hoss of a machine to operate like it is supposed to. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on this software and if what I have listed below on my comp specs will even work. I realize that I will have to add memory but what about everything else? Do I sell the software and do something else? :


    AMD Athlon 3200
    Asus A7N8X Dlux
    ATI Video
    1 Gig Mem
    Windows XP Pro
    2 Seagate ATA 160 Gig HD,1 Maxtor 120 Gig HD
    Sony DRU-510 DVD/CD Burner
    Viewsonic 19\"LCD
    Pinnacle 10 PlusMediaSuite
    PremierPro 1.5 Suite
    Sony HVR-A1U 1080i HDV Camcorder

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    i think you should give the camera to me!!!!!

    Software? - u could sell it yes but finding the right place for it is key.

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