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Thread: First foray in colour correcting/grading Kodachrome 16mm film

  1. Default First foray in colour correcting/grading Kodachrome 16mm film


    The past year I have been collecting tons of old amateur 8mm and 16mm films. Many of which were shot between 1920 and 1970.

    I am having all these films scanned in 4K Apple ProRes 444. But for now I use 1080p ProRes444 work files to get the hang of it. I want to get these films ready to put on YouTube for everybody to see these awesome time capsules.

    Unfortunately many old colour stock has faded over the years and such has a blue or red cast. I've corrected photos before, but never video.

    I tried my hands on this 1930 Kodachrome 16mm film. I am using the free version of Davinci Resolve 16, something I don't have much experience with at all. But I found the entire interface to be pretty quick and intuitive. I like it!

    So this is my first 'serious' attempt to make something good enough for YouTube. My aim is to have natural colours without any sort of cast. But sometimes I can't get it perfect and have to settle for a compromise. The original scans are very dull in order to preserve as much detail as possible, so in most shots I also bumped up the contrast and highlights.

    Would love to get your opinions on my first tries over +/- 3 days. I made each individual scene its own clip because almost every scene had a different cast and brightness.

    Raw scan on the left, my grading on the right.


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    I'll explain a bit more about my workflow.

    First I use offset to try and align the RGB channels in the histogram as best as possible. Then I use the other sliders such as gamma to make the final adjustments to get them alinged even more. But I have noticed this doesn't always give natural-looking results, so sometimes I deviate.

    Then I adjust contrast and brightness as I see fit.

    I don't know if this is the best way, if ts backwards or not...

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