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    Hey guys,

    Just thought I would post another edit of mine, for you to view and tell me what you like, don't like about it

    Thanks in advanced

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    Really like it.
    Thhough technically you cross the line (external shots are from the left of the line of action [being the driver's line of sight and the direction of the cars movement] and interior shots [gearshift, mirror] are from the right of the line, there is no confusion created. The high contrast (almost bleach bypass?) look complements the subject well - the washed out skies and background leaving the car the only properly exposed part of the image.
    I loved the way you changed the sound creating a contrast between the internal and external shot which adds to the excitement.
    II also love the way the cutting becomes quicker (which the sound emphasizes) and then holds for a second to create the tension before the crash.
    Damn good job! The sort of edit I'd be proud to produce, if only i could.

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    Thanks Tim your feed back is very much appreciated 😀

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