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Thread: Macbook air 2015 for film school :(

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    Default Macbook air 2015 for film school :(

    Hey... so I'm starting film school this september and I have a macbook air 2015. Yeah yeah I know I should get the Pro or another computer that's more suitable for editing, but I can't really afford it right now (nor ever cause it's hella expensive). So my question is, I will probs have to use adobe premiere, does it run THAT awful on macbook air?? I will probably have access to editing rooms in the school but not always. I've just been thinking about this nonstop. Is there any way to make my macbook better for these editing softwares?? Might sound stupid but yeah, kinda desperate here.


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    I'm guessing it will run it a bit as long as you stick to low res files. Upgrading/making it faster is going to be out of the question. IF you are low on funds and you really need better hardware my advice would be to sell the Macbook air 2015 and buy a second hand regular windows laptop. You can probably get an ASUS ROG 2016-17 for the money you make selling the fruit. Apple makes okay stuff but it's honestly best left alone if you are living a budget conscious life. Especially when you factor in the fact that none of their products are budget conscious and they have a habit of locking you down into their ecosystem so you always end up spending much more on anything.
    I know it's sometimes a big leap to change OS but it's worth the savings if you need to watch your budget.
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