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    Hi and thanks for letting me join the Forum.

    Problem I have , is that I have 3 DVD's with .vop video files on them , they are around 1gb each , so I am wanting to merge them onto one DVD , started to do that with Nero Video , but the files on each Video all have the same names has this file from one video .VTS_01_1.VOB .


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    Hi Spike, So far I know you have 3 DVD's. I further assume these contain one film each and you want to merge these into a single long video.
    And if I understand it correctly the problem you face is that the DVD files have the same names which somehow makes it hard to achieve what you want.

    If that is the case I would suggest you use something like Handbrake to "Rip" the film from the DVD and save it as an MP4 file that you name yourself so you know which film it is. Then repeat the process for the other two DVDs so you end up with 3 separately named files. Then you can commence stitching these together in e.g. MP4 stitcher and render out your new film which you could then put on a DVD again if you must.

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    Thanks for your reply , I think I am sussing it ( up to now that is ) I have converted one to MP4 using Wondershare , o will do the other 2 tomorrow and see how it goes , then I have figure out to merge them into one movie

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    If you just want to put them end to end I can recommend that mp4joiner program.
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    Hi Grapes
    Thanks for your reply , will try that .

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