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Thread: Suppress small section of audio in video

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    Default Suppress small section of audio in video

    I have a video of a person speaking.

    At one point he coughs.

    I have tried cutting this part out but it is too close to the point at which he starts speaking again

    and avidemux tells me I am not getting the ending cut on a keyframe.

    So another route would be to suppress the sound.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can do this.

    I use avidemux on Linux Mint 19.1
    with an mp4 video from a
    Panasonic Lumix GH5

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    I had a quick google for avidemux and I suspect you need separate software that can keyframe the audio volume. My suggestion is to finish your entire cut and export the audio track (or export the entire video if it's not possible to only export sound. Then open the audio (or video) in an audio editor like Audacity, find the cough, select it and lower the volume there so it's less intrusive to the listener, do additional audio improvements if you want, export the cleaned audio track, import that back into avidemux to replace the original sound with.
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    thanks for this response

    Feeling my way through this, since I have no experience in audio editing, it looks like the critical path would be:

    1. load the audio file from the video into audacity
    I have .mkv and mp4 copies of the video.
    Audacity loads the file easily, although the time line makes it hard to segment out the offending passage.

    2. suppress the cough

    3. somehow save the video again. I don't know yet how this would would be done. If I can just hit save in Audacity and the audo from my .mkv file would be changed.

    If I can do this all in audacity, I would not have to go into avidemux at all.
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    No problem, hope it works out for you!
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    I edited my post since you posted this.

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