Hi. This is my first post so apologies if my questions are in the wrong section, are too long or if I have omitted something that's needed to answer my questions. (I am not using Windows Movie Maker!)

I have about a hundred camcorder tapes I'd like to convert via my imac and then store in cloud so I and others can view them. I'd be really grateful for nay advice and tips regarding the following. I have a camcorder and VHS player and can connect to my imac.

(a) I am currently usng iMovie to capture to the mac. Is there better software (paid or free) I can use for the capture. One which allows me to group tapes, name and date them and add keywords for each tape, but NOT save them just as 'scenes'as iMovie does.
(b) an external multibay drive(s) with USB/Thunderbolt or NAS. I'll need about a 4 bay but not sure which interface or recommended units. This is not for professional use so cost is a factor. The Terramaster D5-399C USB 3 has good reviews on Amazon, but open to any views if you have an external device. I will keep multiple HDD and/or SSD drives with backups but the plan is to upload to cloud.
(c) At the moment I have an upload speed of about 8/9 - Does anybody achieve higher and with what ISP? I would like a faster upload as there will be a lot of data.
(c) Given that all of the videos are from old camcorder tapes (VHS/VHSC/8mm/etc) what is the best and optimum size and format to encode and save to? I have 60 mins encoded to anywhere from almost 30gb to less than 500mb so not sure what I should do? I'd like them to play from cloud to a TV at the same quality as the orignal tapes were, if possible.
(e) There are plenty of cloud storage providers and I don't mind paying something for storage. What I'd like is a sort of home video Netflix where I or anyone with a login in can watch (but not delete etc) the videos. A front end with a menu and thumbnails would be good.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if I have left info out that you experts need to help me.