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Thread: Why is my MP4 Video flipped horizontal and upside down in some players?

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    Question Why is my MP4 Video flipped horizontal and upside down in some players?

    I have recently decided to convert my wedding video from DVD to MP4 so I can view it on our Apple TV. It was originally spread across two discs, so after much online reading I used Handbrake to rip both the DVDs to MP4 and then used PowerDirector to stitch the two files together. Once I had a single MP4, I used MetaX to add the metadata like chapters, cover artwork, title, etc. I have played the video back using Windows media player and VLC media player and it works great.

    Now here's the issue: when I import the video into itunes the video playback is upside down and flipped horizontal? This also happens if I use DS File or DS Video to play the file on my Synology NAS box. I am completely stumped? I've tried Googling the issue, but I just keep finding posts about people who have filmed something upside down on their smart phone and want to flip/rotate the video in an editor. I'm guessing that there might be a piece of metadata in the MP4 container that says which way up the video is and is either ignored or read by different players, however I can't find anything specific.

    Can anyone help, either to explain my issue so I might solve it myself, or has anyone else come across this and knows how to fix it?

    Many thanks!
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    Possibly a setting inside iTunes since two other players did not have any issues.
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