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Thread: OSX Editing Software That Uses CUDA?

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    Default OSX Editing Software That Uses CUDA?

    Hi, I'm using OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and am looking for Video Editing Software that uses CUDA.

    I'm using i7 2600K 4.2GHZ, 16GB Ram, SSD, GTX660TI (2GB) and would like to have faster rendering times than I'm getting in Filmora 7.

    Adobe is too expensive for me and probable overkill for what I do. I tried Reslove light V11 but found that a steep learning curve - I couldn't even see how to resize the window? I gave up after that.

    Is CUDA in OSX the Holy Grail? Do I need to be using Windows to utilize software that uses CUDA?

    For example Sony Vegas and Power Director both use CUDA and both are only Windows.

    What are my options? I'm fed up of having a fast video card that doesn't get used.......

    Thanks for any advice!

    (PS I stay on 10.8.5 as I use Avid Pro Tools 11.3.2 and if I use higher OSX then I loose that.....)

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    Switching to a different editor may not be the solution but most software has a 30 day trial period these days.
    A few that would be worth trying:
    Final Cut Pro
    Adobe Premiere
    Davinci Resolve

    I'm not a mac user myself so I can't talk from experience but these seem to be the logical ones to try out.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Does Final Cut Pro take advantage of CUDA? My understanding is that it uses OpenCL?

    What I'd like to be able to do, is to have faster rendering times by using a software that utilizes my computer hardware (CUDA). Therefore if I have a CUDA card but the program I use doesn't support CUDA there is no point really in investing in an Nvidia card and I need to get an AMD one perhaps?

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    Perhaps so, I don't know for sure but I think the people over at the final cut pro forum can surely answer that.
    Also it might still be faster than Filmora regardless of cuda.
    If you are using a Hackintosh build then you could opt to sideload windows 10 and use that to run your video editing.
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    I've replaced my video card:

    From a GT8600 256MB to a GTX660Ti 2GB - according to 'UserBenchmark' the 660 is a 1,880% faster card.

    Here's my results:

    Filmora 33 minutes video rendered with GT8600 = 37 minutes
    Filmora 33 minutes video rendered with GTX660Ti = 37 minutes

    Filmora in OSX uses NOTHING of the GPU and ONLY CPU.

    It's like I said - using CUDA in OSX is the Holy Grail.

    Essentially, if you want to make video at 'consumer level' it's WINDOWS, WINDOWS, WINDOWS all the way. So sad, but Apple and OSX are anti CUDA with a vengeance.

    The same video in Filmora Windows takes 5 to 7 minutes to render. 75% quicker.

    OSX, Apple, joke..................

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