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Thread: Help choosing an inexpensive digital camcorder.

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    Question Help choosing an inexpensive digital camcorder.


    I'd like to get a digital camcorder for taking family and vacation videos and definitely want to get one with a remote control. For years I've used a Sony DCR-TRV 250 and that did well enough but would like something with better picture quality and doesn't require tapes. I found a good deal on a new Sony DCR-SR200 but that is not high def so how much does that matter? One thing that might be a problem from a review about it says: "the SR200 does not have a USB port or video output options on the camera itself making the data transfer process tedious" so would that be a real problem? I want to load videos to a computer.

    Also found a used Canon HF200 HD Camcorder with SDHC slot. Would that be easier to deal with? And a used JVC Everio Camcorder GZ-MG21U HD Drive. And a used Panasonic HDC-HS100 60GB HD Camcorder. Are any of these particularly better overall than the others?

    Or can someone suggest something they feel is better than any of these? I don't want to spend much over $100. I see Ordro cameras from China for under $30. What would be wrong with going that route? If the main thing is they can't be repaired they can be replaced for less than I ever paid for repair to a Sony DCR-TRV 250. Also see what looks like it might be an Ordro from a US seller for $85 and these are all brand new with a remote.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions!

    ME, USA

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    I love to get a good deal from China but the first thing that came up with "Ordro" as a search term kind of should put you off as well:
    At least with Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic you know you're more likely getting what's on the box.

    I would drop the DCR SR200 from the list already for the fact that it's only 2 MP (in this case you might possibly even get better results with the scammy Ordro),

    The Canon HF200 is a good option, The JVC seems too old, Panasonic might also be a good choice but my gut choice would be the Canon. It's easy to just swap an SD and put that into your laptop or PC to transfer the files with the added benefit you don't need a cable that you can lose or forget, all you need is a PC with an SD card reader which most laptops have built in nowadays anyway.
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