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    Default HELP NEEDED!!

    I shoot 4k music videos & use the latest version of final cut pro to edit....

    I cut/chop, use transitions, effects & maybe some colour grading.

    All videos are 4k, now my macbook air is not strong enough for the completion of the tasks i do smoothly so i want to go out & buy a new machine which will be able to take the things i throw at it such as the editing in 4k.

    Now when i edit i do not need loads of apps open at the same time, i will just have final cut pro & maybe google chrome open so i am really not sure is RAM is an issue to me... This is why i came for help through this forum! Some people say i need a 32GB RAM for 4k video editing but a 16GB RAM is enough unless i have loads of apps open at the same time of my editing....

    Its very confusing which one to go for...

    Please let me know if the Macbook below i am looking to buy is good enough for my needs.

    APPLE 16" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2019) - 1 TB SSD, Silver

    Processor - Intel Core i9 Processor
    - Octa-core
    - 2.3 GHz / 4.8 GHz
    - 16 MB cache
    RAM 16 GB DDR4 (2666 MHz)

    Graphics card - AMD Radeon Pro 5500M
    - 4 GB GDDR6

    Storage 1 TB SSD


    Thank you so much for everyones help.

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    If it's 4K footage from something like a GoPro or a basic DSLR you're likely going to be fine, if you're talking about 4K RAW or something like that you may run into some issues.
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    I am using RAW 4K footage coming from a Sony A6300 Mirrorless camera.

    But still, not having anything else open apart from Final Cut Pro will i be able to edit without freezing & frame drops?

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