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Thread: Interpolating old film/NASA footage with aritifical intelligence

  1. Talking Interpolating old film/NASA footage with aritifical intelligence

    For some months now I have been messing around with a program called DAIN-APP. Depth-Aware video frame INterpolation (DAIN)

    This program uses the GPU and a trained neural network to analyse two frames and generated 'new' ones.
    To basically interpolate footage from 12 to 24, 30 to 60. It supports 2, 4 or 8 times interpolation, so 6 to 24, 15 to 60 is also possible... you get the point.

    And because a lot of old NASA 16mm film footage was shot at 6 to 12fps, this seems like a primate candidate to interpolate to a higher frame rate.

    Here is an example of interpolating 6fps to 24fps:

    Initially I added music to them, but most people just want it bare-bones with the comms. To experience the footage without any clutter, as if they were there.

    When possible I try to synchronize footage with photos and the TV feed taken at the same time. I had many ideas to add text, explanations, extra info.

    But most people just prefer original mission-only content, anything else just gets in the way of the experience. They're aimed at space-history enthusiasts, who mostly know what they are looking at anyway and just want an as clean as possible view.

    Here are some video's I've made so far:

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    Seriously good stuff. Have NASA not done this themselves? Have you sent this to them? It's not like they don't include emhanced footage on their websites.

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    I agree with Tim, this stuff is amazing! Well done!
    The cats are watching us...

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    Very cool!

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    Thank you guys!

    An older video that I plan to remake without music, when I get access to more complete TV footage.

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    Behind The Scenes:


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