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Thread: HELP please sony vegas pro

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    Default HELP please sony vegas pro

    Hi all
    ive just dragged my film into timeline , when i watched it on p.c first it is fine ?? then when i drag it into my timeline and play it its like an old black and white movie its like theres frames missing , hard to explain , like im moving like a robot , im playing guitar and my hand moves from top of guitar then hand is at bottom (no inbetween if im explaining myself correct ,, i just cant get things right ,, soved loads of other probs then this PLEASE if you can help
    kind regards jim

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    Adding an effect (desaturation or whatever) means the computer has to process the data to display the video. That's probably makes the preview frame rate lower. If your Vegas is like my Vegas then just below the preview display, on the left, there's a description of the project and preview dimensions and frame rates.

    Above the preview display there's a dropdown menu with Draft, Preview, Good and Best options, each with a sub-menu. You can try a different setting to see if that helps.

    Also, if your project settings match your file settings (dimensions, frame rate, interlaced or progressive) it will be easier for your computer to preview it smoothly.
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    Hi thanks so much for reply i been up all evening,
    im assuming you mean by effect the film i took of myself on camera ? thing is if my p.c was having probs reading it , then i cant understand why its absolutely fine when i play it back on my p.c , in any format or any player vlc , windows player etc ,, when i pull my video clip from my desktop into my VEGAS 17 it asks me anyway i want my project settings to match my file settings ,, i click yes ,, ive also tried clicking no ,,, i shall go have a look now try some of the other things you said ,,, i really dont get whats happening ,, i bet vegas dont have a technical appartment lol ,,, Thanks everso for help ,, i was hoping to see a few more replys this morn ,, ive skint myself buying my camera / vegas/ and my DAW (im a musician it must all work as im in trouble with the wife )

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    Hi jimfish,

    This forum has a very small active membership who are very helpful, but generally won't post unless they feel they have experience or something useful to contribute. That's why you won't see many responses.
    I think bouldersoundguy may have misinterpreted what you wrote and assumed you'd added a B&W effect.

    However, the rest of what he says is absolutely true.

    When you play back a video in a player, your computer is decoding the video file and displaying it on the screen - that's all.
    When you play it back in an editor (such as Vegas) it is doing a lot more. Even if you aren't adding any effects it still has to process each frame of the original file and prepare it for any processing in the edior and when displaying each frame check if there are any processes which need applying. It's checking to see if there are other frames that need to be merged with it at the same time (eg if you have added a dissolve or any "compositing" (titles, graphics) elements.
    So, when playing back in an editor a LOT more is going on than when in a player.

    This will apply no matter what editor you are using, although different editors handle things in different ways (for example, by default Adobe Premiere attempts to re-encode all edits on the fly to make for a smoother playback experience - although this can slow down the editing process - there's always a trade off)

    The solution, is more computing power or, as bouldersoundguy has already said, change teh quality of the preview (this will not change the quality of the final render)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    I think bouldersoundguy may have misinterpreted what you wrote and assumed you'd added a B&W effect.

    (Evidently there's a minimum character count.)

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    Be sure to select the option to "match project to file format" when importing the file*. Then the computer won't have to do the processing to change the frame rate or dimensions for the preview.

    It could simply be that your computer isn't up to dealing with video editing. Mine will happily play 1080 video with limited effects, but if put a 720i file in a 1080p project and do some color processing the preview frame rate might start to suffer. And I've got a fairly beefy tower. If you lower the preview quality a little it generally helps a lot with preview frame rate.

    *Just noticed you've done this.
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