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Thread: Looking for tips and advice.

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    Default Looking for tips and advice.

    Just starting out. A few errors in the video, meant to correct but it posted without holding the edit. All this is filmed straight out of camera, no grading or LUTs.

    I think I need more light on my face and think the mic needs to be closer. Any input appreciated!

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    Yes, you could do with some more light on your face, but broadly speaking it looks fine. Bright enough and clear. If you can work with the footage straight out of the camera this is a massive time saver.
    Yes, you need a mic that's not on the camera. There seems to be a trend for showing the mic in shot in these sort of vlogs, so that's no problem - although it might well get in your way unless you can suspend it from above. A lav (lavalier/tie clip) would certainly be my preference.

    The framing of the opeing shot is off, to my mind. When your face is in shot - especially as you are addressing the audience, your eyes should be approximately 2/3 of the way up the screen. This can be centred (as in a newreader without any TV screen behind them) but is generally more aesthetically pleasing if the bridge of your nose is 1/3 in from either side of the screen - cenerally facing clightly towards the other 2/3 which is where you put your product.
    Whilst the "looking down" angle of the camera is appropriate for the unboxing and display of the parts (se we can see inside boxes and get a better perspective than "flat" when looking at contents, I'd suggest it doesn't work so well for opening shots of you. If you have the camera at or slightly below your eye height for these shots it will make you a more authorititive figure.

    The framing of the bulk of the video also didn't work for me - simply because throughout your face was neither in nor out of the shot. This was distracting to the point of annoyance. Ideal world, have two cameras - one which shows you (whole face) and the objects and another which shows only the objects and your hands. But if you can have only one camera and don't want to keep moving it (which might well destroy your flow) choose one position or the other - not this "in between" shot.

    So, basically, you already knew two of the problems and those I've identified can be easily addressed, should you choose to do so.

    Additional comments - maybe fill some of the "dead" time (eg removing the wrapping) with some music. Or speed it up. Or, if you're trying to make a point like the adult proof wrapping (which i thought was an amusing line) perhaps have some soft wind noise, and perhaps composite on some tumbleweed going across the bottom of the screen.

    Seriously, watchng someone taking the wrapping off is no fun. Seed it up - or, if you want to make the point do a fade to black then up again with a caption along the lines of "45 second later..", but whatever you do - keep the video moving (but vary the pace)

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