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Thread: Starting my first video test

  1. Arrow Starting my first video test

    As the title sugest's this is going to be my first cooking video (sorry Tim) I know you hate cooking video's but it's a start, dust control is not ready in garage so I'm not filling in their until it's all up and running.

    I've seen a youtuber show his camera and expensive lens reduced to zero value because of dust inside his lens.

    So here is my set up so far in my kitchen.
    over the gas hob camera is a action camera in side a water prove case and I have added magnets to the base of a tripod mount and as it's in a water proof case no sound of the extractor fan


    this second image is my tripod set up


    so when my Panasonic arrives I will set it up as a side video shot

    If you can add any more different camera views please speak up or equipment changes or equipment I might need. I think I'm going to add a clip on mic instead off the mic iI'm using on camera.

    Thank you for suggestion and help in advance

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    As we already know, you've already put a lot of thought into this. I think the next stage will really be to try something.
    See what's missing - what you need to show, but cannot see (eg where your body blocks the view when you make a certain move). See what looks good and what
    Adjust and try again.

    My immediate impression is that the light panels positioned as they are might make everything look a bit flat from the ripod camera but then again i don't know what other ligh will be in the scene. We don't want "arty" but some shadow is necessary to help show wlat is going on (but I recall you're an experienced stills photographer so you already know all that )

    Don't be in a rush to get your first video out there (on your "proper" channel). Get a few trusted friends and, better still, people who do not know you (like on here) to look and comment first so that when you launch, your first video is as good as you think it can be. Not only will that reduce the liklihood of people bailing because it's not up to scratch, but with the technical aspects taken care of it's something less to worry about and you can concentrate on your performance.

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    Why not place the action cam inside the hood so you are really straight above the action?
    Actually action cams can be used in fun ways like if you clamp one on your pan handle and film in high frame rates when you toss food in the air or to your ladle when you stir... Then again you can also overdo it so it's just a bit of trial and error I guess
    Shoulder cam might also be a nice angle... and if all else fails check cooking videos and pick the angles you like
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    first how and where do I upload a video to the forum, Ive looked and looked and can't find the post needed for this.

    secondly I was not expecting it to be so hard to talk into a camera, stumbling over words even though I had a plan of attack on what I was going to do and say. so yesterday's shooting was a big flop. I will try again to day but with a voice over and try and stop my eye darting to the left when I have to think what I have to say.

    Thank you Grapes and Tim for your suggestions and advice


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    I've made a screenshot for your convenience
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