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    My plan is to film, edit and upload a video each day on a forthcoming trip to Europe. I have to learn how to be super efficient and not take as much time as I usually do.

    I edit on an ipad and whilst its possible to save footage to an external hard drive its a pain to use so I will need to edit and delete as soon as an episode is finished.

    Any thoughts welcome on the video and how to be efficient.

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    Very watchable. A bit of history, a bit about the journey (maps included!), a bit about camping and a cooking programme (I hate cooking programmes, but this was fine - about the limit of my capabilities). One of the things that makes this watchable is the variety of camera angles you get you must have quite a few dotted around (or you spend a lot of time moving one or two cameras around). Sound suffers a little when you're driving so it might be worth considering a couple of lavaliers and a digital recorder.
    I look forward to the next one.

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    Hey, looks like a great vlog with all the information packed in along with great camera angles.

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