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    Well just a small update
    I have now bought the Hohem isteady mobile plus for my Samsung 10 plus. As my wife says posh selfy stick LOL.
    Now I was going to buy a Panasonic G7 as this has the 4K how ever all my equipment (photography) is Pentax and for the main reason that all the lenses I'm ever going to use I probably own and are compatible with any of the Pentax camera's So my last camera I bought was the K3 while this has a good video function the camera AF is slow and noisy so I'm going to investigate the K70 this week as I'm down in Watford on Tuesday.

    The book to run with DaVinci Resolve 16 has arrived so I have lots to learn over the coming months

    I am finding my lap top struggling with DaVinci 16 a bit (crashes) every now and again, I need to look at this and try and stop it from crashing as I'm following the Tutorial with the book mainly on my laptop as I sit a lot in hotels waiting around for hours for my wife. Tuesday this week through to Thursday.

    I have cleaned my Cam recorder play heads and it's much better Thank you Tim


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    Quote Originally Posted by James Rugby View Post
    I have cleaned my Cam recorder play heads and it's much better Thank you Tim
    Result! Great stuff.

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